Alash llc
About company
Company overview
20 – 30%
Growth each year since 2019
$1 million Line of Credit
Up to $1 million Material Purchase Factoring, up to $1 million Invoice Factoring
Fully Insured & Licensed
Our employees and all equipment are fully insured and licensed
As the leading resource in wireless infrastructure solutions, ALASH prides itself on our ALASH Training and Safety Course. This extensive program has been developed to exceed industry standards. With an on-site training tower, ALASH ensures that our team has not only the knowledge but the hands-on practical experience.
Why ALASH being choice of our customers?
  • Experience
    Experienced PM/CM, Short time, but Best results of Project Management
  • Multi state experienced Crew Scheduling Program and Equipment
    ALASH can staff a project faster than anyone in the industry, this includes crews and training involved. Our multi state expert PM/CMs know how solve every specials tasks.
  • Presence
    Communication from the field to ALASH office is “real time”
  • Cloud based system
    Cloud based system which allows our team to access the necessary information anytime, anywhere. Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Sheets
  • Quality
    From our owners and manager to our front desk staff and tower crews, the ALASH team prides itself on quality workmanship.
  • Prime Contractor
    ALASH utilizes our staff as well as strategic industry
As a proof of services we provided to our customers, we partly publishing short videos and photos to pride our Teams Hard job.Every project we handling over the years its whole history of the moments, and we love to share it with anyone in the Industry.
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